Anyone can lift 

Safe and reliable

Safe and reliable

Lifting should be easy and safe in all possible working conditions, for both the operator and the product.
VacuEasylift is a safe and reliable tool commonly used in manufacturing and mechanical processing, warehouses and distribution terminals. The tool can be adapted for ATEX-regulated facilities. Stainless steel models, ideal for industries with high sanitary requirements, are available on request.
Versatile and flexible

Versatile and flexible

VacuEasylift lifts just about anything. Choose between 12 models for lifting sacks, boxes, sheets, panels, crates, bales, drums and much more, up to 270 kg.
A wide selection of handles and suction feet helps customize the lifter to meet your needs. Lift from the top, from the side, or whatever suits your needs.


Extremely smooth and quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load, and by using the vacuum to hold and lift the load.
VacuEasylift lets anyone handle goods in all sizes, up to 270 kg, with practically no effort at all.


A two-man job can often be carried out by one operator with VacuEasylift. The lifting system is simple to adjust to suit loads and requirements of most industries.
With a TAWI solution for your lifting needs, you achieve a powerful combination of efficiency, ergonomics and economy that will boost your business. An efficient solution, including everything you need to optimise your manual handling of goods.


VacuEasylift is the original vacuum lifter, lift and lower, rotate and tilt loads using vacuum.

VacuEasylift is a manual vacuum lifter, manufactured by TAWI, which handles almost all types of loads. There are models for lifting sacks and boxes, sheet wood and metal, panels and much more. The extremely smooth and quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load and by using the vacuum to hold and lift the load. Based on a unique concept, VacuEasylift has been developed into a versatile system for simpler, safer and more effective lifting.

 VM 120 VM 160VM 180VM 200VM 250
Load (kg)406080100180
Lift Tube (length 2500 mm) Diameter (mm)120160180200250
Lift Tube (length 2500 mm) Lifting Height (mm)18001800180017001500
Lift Tube (length 4000 mm) Diameter (mm)120160180200-
Lift Tube (length 4000 mm) Lifting Height (mm)2600260026002400-
Flexed Extension up to 800+800 mm Standardyesyesyesyesno
Vacuum PumpsSA320/2SA320/2SA450/2SA450/2SA450/2

VacuCobra vacuumlifters for HIGH SPEED box handling

VacuCobra is ergonomically designed for lifting boxed goods up to 50 kg.

VacuCobra is specifically designed to lift boxes of different size and shape weighing up to 50 kg quickly! Rotates without limit, rotate the goods and not the lift unit to achieve the highest possible precision. Stainless steel alternative available for cleanroom demands. A bottom swivel and an angle adapter ensures full freedom of motion when gripping the load. The quick-release function makes sure no time is wasted when releasing the load. The fingertip control can be adjusted from the right to the left side of the handle in seconds. The suction cup will secure the goods safely from the side as well as from the top.






Crane systems

We recommend mounting your VacuEasylift in our own range of TAWI Crane systems. The jib arm or bridge crane suspends the lift tube and is available in different lengths and capacities.





Vacuum pumps

Our vacuum pumps are designed with three key features in mind; performance, reliability and sustainability. The direct driven pump minimizes friction and unnecessary wear, ensuring continuous operations for your vacuum lifters. 

TAWI vacuum pumps are available in two models; medium and large. The medium model is recommended for VM100-140, the large model for VM160-300.


A wide selection of handles ensures an ergonomic lifting solution for every operator.

Fixed handle

Standard handle

Flex handle

Special handle

Suction feet

A wide selection of standard suction feet and our ability to build customized special suction feet guarantees that we can help you lift whatever you need to lift.

Standard handle
with special suction foot 30200

Standard handle
with suction foot for sacks 30300

Fixed handle
with hook tool 30460

Flex handle
with suction foot for boxes 30650

Fixed handle
with suction foot 10650

Flex handle
with suction foot for reels 10400

Fixed handle
with suction foot for sacks 10320

Flex handle
with suction foot for sheets 10620, angle adapter 10810, and handle for angle adapter 10811

Flex handle
with suction for side lifting 10850

Flex handle
with special spider yoke for lifting sheets

Flex handle
with suction foot 10700

Suction foot for drums 50210






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